Hi friends,Its nice to be back after a long break.
Thought let me start with a sweet...Diwali sweet...Jangiri.
This was my very first try in jangiri. The shape of this sweet had always fascinated me.My mom too have never done Jangiri so i didn't not have any idea how it was made until i saw this in a marriage.At that time i felt that person had special talents to make such beautiful shaped sweet.Anyway....Point is i never tried to learn that as i thought it was a difficult one...But my sweet friend Nalina gave me the recipe and told me how easy it was.And to be very frank friends....This was when i realised ...nothing is difficult.. its just our fear that makes it look difficult.Just like she said this was the most easiest sweet to make in this world.
Urad dhal-1 cup
Sugar(for syrup)-2cups
Water(for syrup)-1 cup
Oil or Ghee - for frying
1)Soak Urad and grind to smooth paste(just like vada)adding little water.
2)Heat oil or ghee in a flat bottomed pan .
3)Meanwhile heat sugar and water and boil to little more than 1 string consistency.(but be careful not to boil till 2 string consistency)
4)Take a plastic cover and make a cone (or make a hole in a plastic cover)and place the urad dough and squeeze it(like mehendi)like ring shape and then small rings surrounding that first ring.
5)Cook till done and put it in the sugar syrup.
6) After 3-5 minutes take the Jangri out ...
Tasty Jangri ready in few minutes.

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