This is American Form ....
This is indian form of puffed rice balls(pori urundai) made out of jaggery.

Its simple south Indian pori orundai(puffed rice balls).Tamilians usually celebrate karthigai deepam with pori orundai.Initially when i started doing it i found it bit difficult because these balls have to be made while the mixture is hot.But when i came here and saw the rice krispie this shape too was good and much much more easier so i made it in Indo American style....by adding cranberry instead of roasted bengal gram and sugar syrup and instead of marsh mellows.....also the shape....instead of round its square ....
INGREDIENTS:(approximate measurements)
Puffed rice-2 1/2 cups
Sugar/Jaggery- 1/2cup
Water-less then 1/4 cup
Corn syrup- 1tbs
Roasted bengal gram/ dry cranberry-1 cup
Vanilla essence- few drops
1)Grease a tray.
2)Make sugar syrup with sugar and water.(two string/hard ball consistency)
3)Add corn syrup mix well(in India the pori oorundai or any chikki sold in shops are made using liquid glucose for the crispness) switch off the fire.
4)Add mixed puffed rice and dried cranberry/roasted bengal gram and mix well with the syrup quickly and pour it in the greased tray.
5)Cut when cool.

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