Curry leaves,normally used in Indian cooking for its aroma while seasoning.But one bad habit among most of them is to throw away the leaves, while eating.There is a saying in Tamil, 'karuvepillai madiri'(like curry leaf)when people are being used as scape goat.
No idea why they say so or why people throw of the curry leaf from the food.I guess ...its mainly because of their ignorance about the value of curry leaf.
According to a team of London scientists , curry leaf has potential to control diabetes and treat cancer.It is said that it may contain agents that slow down the rate of starch-to-glucose breakdown thereby controlling the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream in people .
Not only this but intake of curry leaves is useful in preventing premature graying of hair too. My mom used to boil curry leaves along with coconut oil to make hair oil.She used to say it helps hair growth and also blacken the hair.
Ok... lets come to this wonderful recipe ,that can come handy when you feel lazy to cook:)
Curry leaf- 3 cups
Tur dhal-1 cup
Red chilli-6(according to taste)
Salt-according to taste
Asefotida-1/4 tsp
1)Dry fry dhal and red chilli and asefotida well.
2)Fry Curry leaf ,till it turns crispy. But i prefer to let it dry out in shade (as it may lose some vitamins during heating)
3)Powder them all.

Mix this with plain rice along with gingely oil and serve with Chips or vathal. This can also be had along with idly or dosa.

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