I first tasted this dish 4 years back when we went to Malaysia 4 yrs back.It was difficult for me to get vegetarian food initially(till we found Indian restaurant).So in one of the Chinese restaurant i found this in the menu ,which said vegetarian .so i ordered it but unfortunately they had egg crumbs as toppings :( [may be egg comes under vegge category for them LOL!]so i had to carefully pick those crumbs and finish my food, which was very tasty.

Later when i came back to India i never had a thought of trying this dish at home but after a year or so, when we made onion chutney there was this leftovers sticking on to the pan.Since i didn't want to waste that I mixed leftover rice with this. The flavour and the taste was something bit similar to the rice which i had in Malaysia only thing that was missing was garlic flavour.. so after few trial and error of improvisations i got this tasty recipe. I don't know if this is how they make but....its tasty and.... all that matters is me and my husband love it.Anyone who likes garlic will love it.

I am happy to sent this recipe to RICE MELA hosted by srivalli in her blog cooking 4 all seasons.

The measurements will be approximate and the amount given here is for 1 cup of cooked rice.

I am also happy to send this to Eat healthy-fight diabetes contest . Many may not know this and many people avaid garlic but... guess what.... Garlic has been tested and found to have antioxidant properties and micro-circulatory effects and could help reduce blood glucose, increase insulin secretion, and slow its degradation.



Onion-1/4 cup

Red chillies-6(according to taste)

Salt- to taste

Oil-3-4 tbs(approximately)

1)Cook rice with coconut milk and water(1/2 milk and 1/2 water)and keep aside(Or we can also use ordinary leftover rice)

2)Grind garlic, chopped onion and red chilli(or can use red chilli powder too)along with salt to a fine paste.

3)Heat oil in a pan and fry the paste well, till the oil oozes out.

4)Add this paste to the rice.Mix well and serve.

Use one or two chillies more if rice cooked in coconut milk is used for mixing.Try out and let me know if u guys liked it.

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