Seedai are one among Neivedyams made for Krishna jayanthi.We make two types for seedai-uppu seedai and vella seedai.These small cute balls are very tasty snack.usually seedai is considered to a challenge for those who are new to cooking.There will be lot of fireworks in kitchen if seedai are not made properly.When i did for the first time things went fine and seedai came out good. But the year after that there a big fire works :) ,then Muruganna came for my help. He told me the tricks to make these shooting bullets to tasty balls, which i would love to share with you all.


Rice flour-3/4 cup

Urad flour-3/4 tbs




Asefotida-1/2 tsp

Jeera-1/2 tsp


1)Dry fry urad and powder it.

2)Sieve urad flour and mix it with rice flour,salt, asefotida,jeera and butter.

3) Add water little by little and make a dough, which is neither very dry or very soft.

4)Make small balls and let it dry for 1 hour .

5)Deep fry in hot oil.


1)First the consistancy of the flour.(seedai might break)

2)Do not roll the balls very tight.(seedai will start to burst if its tight )

3)Very important -Let it dry.(seedai will burst if fried in oil immediately)

4)Right amount of Oil heat.(seedai might break)

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