Pickles ,they used to my favorite.And lime pickle curd rice or just pickle mixed with rice.. yummy was my favorite till my mom died. we both used to eat a lot. she was good in making these things. But later after her death i happened to visit a health exhibition and i saw the info that too much of pickles may cause cancer(that is the one that took my mom away from me)i stopped making and eating pickles.Wondering how i made this..!! my hubby likes it.And i cant say no.. Got the recipe from my MIL.
Lemon-2 big(like size of kadaranga)
Chilli powder-1 big Kuzhi karandi
Salt-3 tbs
Gingelly Oil-1cup (opproximately)
Asefotida- 1/2 tsp
Fenugreek powder-1/4 tsp
Mustard- for seasoning
1) Wash and dry the lemon.
2) Cut lemon .
3) Heat oil and splutter mustard.
4)Add cut lemon and cook well.
5)Add chilli powder, asefotida,salt and fenugreek powder and cook till oil oozes out.
6) Store in dry air tight container(preferably glass)

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