Payasam is one among my favourite sweets, which i often make for amavasa,pradosham, kirthigai... i love different types of payasam as they are easy to make.This particular one was taught to me by one of my dad's malayali friend.
1. Raw rice flour(to make ada)-3 tbs
2. Ghee-2 tbs
4. Sugar/Jaggery -to taste
5. 2nd extract of coconut milk-2cup
6. 1st extract of coconut milk-1cup
7. cardamom powder-2 gm
8. cashew nuts-70 gm
9. kismiss-50 gm
1)Add water to the rice powder and mix smoothly to a fine paste. Pour ghee and mix again till it reaches pouring consistency.
2)Cut a plantain leaf to small pieces . Pour little batter into each leaf roll up and steam in a cooker. When cooked, remove and cut into very small pieces. (this can be dried and stored for long time)
3)Soak sago in water for 1 hr and cook till till soft.
4) Dissolve jaggery in water ,strain and boil till it becomes syrup of one-thread consistency.
5)Add the ada pieces, and cooked sago in it , pour the second coconut milk and boil.
6)Add cardamom in the first milk and pour into the above mixture. Bring to boil and remove from fire.
7)Add in lightly fried cashew nuts and kismis. Could be served hot or cold.
Note: * Do not add jaggery to milk as it will curdle. Add milk to jaggery .
*Ready made ada available in stores may be used .
*Ordinary milk can be used instead of Coconut milk.
*Instead of plantain leaf, the batter can be poured on a plate as thin dosa and steamed.

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